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In 1909, Albert Culverwell homesteaded 160 acres of raw ranch land. Albert's son, H.G. Culverwell, was raised on the ranch and eventually bought out his father's ownership, continuing to buy up more property. Seven decades later in 1974, Gerald Culverwell, H.G.'s son and Albert's grandson, bought out his dad's ownership, hanging the name of the ranch Rio Ro Mo - short for Rio Blanco, Routt and Moffat counties as the ranch extended over 42,000 acres in those three adjoining counties. Gerald continued to ranch 3,000 head of sheep, 550 head of mother cows and 2,000 acres of wheat. Changing economic conditions forced Gerald to reduce the ranch size to a yet-extraordinary 20,000-plus acre tract.
In 1994, Rodney Culverwell, great grandson of Albert, grandson of H.G. and son of Gerald, bought his father out of the cattle business. In 2003, Rodney and his wife Margaret bought the ranch from Gerald. The ranch remains an operational cattle ranch. Rodney and Margaret strive yearly to improve the land with new alfalfa fields, water holes or pasture fences. While improving the land for livestock, the wildlife also benefit immensely from these improvements.
Way up high in the pure blue sky,
Where the air can be hot and winds dry.

I came to see where Indians used to be,
And cattle roam free as far as the eye can see.

As the stars all align and the moon becomes full,
There is more in the making from the impressive herd bull.

The vastness is great, its almost unreal,
With faces in the rocks, no one can steal.

Deer and sand cranes gather at dusk,
Their beauty and business to see is a must.

A lone buck towers over rattlesnake point,
For he is the king and rules all of this joint.

This place has made me more complete and whole,
The massive and great, the Rio Ro Mo.

Authored by:
Brenda Besse
Brierwood Farms, Erie Illinois
October 2014

If you ate today, thank a farmer and rancher. If you ate in peace today, thank a soldier."