Ranch Photos

Wildlife you can see on the Rio Ro Mo include elk, deer, antelope, mountain lion, bobcat, coyote, fox, prairie dog, ground squirrel, badger, sage grouse, dove, geese, duck, golden eagle, bald eagle, red tail hawk, falcon, owl, porcupine, skunk, whistle pig, beaver, raccoon, muskrat, rattlesnake, bull snake, weasel, 13-stripe squirrel, jack rabbit, cotton tail, and marmot are all residents of the Rio Ro Mo. One lone moose has been spotted on the ranch in the past.
Things you can see on the Rio Ro Mo.
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All photos were taken by ranch owners Margaret and/or Rodney Culverwell.

“If you ate today, thank a farmer and rancher. If you ate in peace today, thank a soldier."